piektdiena, 2011. gada 6. maijs

Hugu pasaulē! / *Hugu in the world.

Šonedēļ Kids Gazette lepojas ar lācīša HUGU panākumiem, jo nesen viens no lāčiem aizceļoja pie Anglijas karaliskā pāra. Iedomājieties, lācītis sēž kastē un gaida, kurš gan būs viņa jaunais saimnieks. Kastes vāks atveras un pretī raugās princese Keita un princis Viljams. Lācītis HUGU ir oficiālā Latvijas kāzu dāvana jaunajam karaliskajam pārim.

Otrs nozīmīgs notikums HUGU dzīvē ir nokļūšana populārajā bērnu dzīvesstila žurnālā Babiekins Magazine.

Redziet, mums atkal ir ar ko lepoties!

*This week Kids Gazette is really proud of bear HUGU success, because recently one of the bears made a trip to United Kingdom to meet the new Royal couple. Can you imagine, a bear sits in a box and waits, guess who will be its new owner. The box opens and he sees the beautiful princess Kate and prince Williams. The bear HUGU is official wedding present for the young royal couple from Latvia.

Another important happening in the life of HUGU is his appearance in the popular children lifestyle magazine Babiekins Magazine.

See we have somebody to be proud of!

7 komentāri:

  1. MALAČI!

    Tiešām lepnums par latviešu aso prātu un čaklajām rokām!

  2. Fantastiski! Prieks, ka Latvijas vārds pasaulē izskan dēļ kā jauka, mīļa un pozitīva! Daudz radošas enerģijas! Un galvenais - tikai uz priekšu!!!!

  3. I found HUGU through your blog when you posted about it a while ago :-). That's why I included it in my selection of picks for the Babiekins Magazine.
    I wanted to link to The Latvian site, which is lovely, but thought etsy would be better for US readers.

    Pleased to see Latvian design is getting recognised!

    Voting for you everyday by the way in Circle of Moms. I love your blog.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful words... quite happy now... really! Im also very pleased that my blog is kind of platform for new latvian designs.

    Love your blog too! And Babiekins is great!

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